Free Shipping

Delivery Information offers you a wide range of products that also come with a special offer – free shipping of your order!

Before we can ship your order, however, has to prepare your products, do strict quality-control tests and package your items carefully. The time needed to prepare your items for shipping and the delivery time combined make the total time it takes to get your order delivered.

We'll ship out your order within 3 days after you place your order as that is the maximum time needed to confirm your payment. We use International Express Service for all deliveries. It takes from 7 to 15 business days to get your package delivered to your door.

Business days normally include days from Monday through Friday with the exception of national holidays. You will be able to see the actual estimated arrival date in your order confirmation email. In exceptional circumstances, the delivery may take up to 60 days. Usually, it happens due to complications at customs, but such delays occur very rarely.

Additional delays may occur beginning October through February due to the high demand and heavy load on postal services and customs.

If your order is not delivered to you for some reason, you may be eligible for a replacement product if you notify us no later than 60 days after your shipping confirmation e-mail.


One of the biggest concerns our customers have is that the dolls they order do not look quite like what they saw on the site. We only have one thing to say to that: don’t be worried about it. Every picture of a doll on our website is an accurate representation of what a doll looks like in real life.

Another concern is non-delivery or a heavy tax slapped on top of the customer’s order. When it comes to sex dolls, such fear is somewhat viable, but only depending on your location. US-based customers are our main audience, and most of them don’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises, with the exception of Alabama residents. But if you are located elsewhere, caution is advised when ordering a sex doll. We strongly advise not to order sex dolls in countries where such an order would get your order confiscated and yourself prosecuted.

Here is a list of locations where ordering a sex doll is not recommended:


  • Alabama, USA: criminalized. Look up the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act for more details.

  • Saudi Arabia: banned

  • United Arab Emirates: banned, high risk of prosecution

  • Thailand: banned

  • Vietnam: detained in the customs. May be returned to you upon leaving the country

  • Malaysia: banned, high risk of prosecution

  • India: banned

  • Maldives: banned

  • South Korea: a moderate possibility of order detainment. We recommend that you contact us to get the matters sorted out.

  • Turkey: a low possibility of order detainment


If your order is detained in the customs, we will not be able to refund your payment.


You might have to pay tax if you’re located in Canada or Singapore.