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About Us is a real men’s store. You don’t get something that emphasizes your status, you don’t get something that you can show off, you don’t even get to show our products to your friends, but you will never regret it even so. Here, you can find all sorts of sex dolls for your personal pleasure. And if you are a business, you can get them in bulk to re-sell to customers who wouldn’t dare to order something like that from a web store, even if it’s completely safe and confidential.

Some dolls are more expensive than others, and you can get a premium sex doll if you wish. They all feel real, of course, but the best of sex dolls are designed after popular fictional characters and real-life pornstars, including their genitalia.

A sex doll is not just a way to get some pleasure for a lonely man. We’re not saying that lonely men can’t use them, but the real value of a sex doll is that they are not real, even though they feel as if they are. A sex doll is a perfect way to save your marriage if you want to get some diversity. After all, it’s not cheating if you’re just using a masturbator, which is exactly what a sex doll is.

But of course, you won’t be thinking that when actually doing the action. The skin feels real, the vagina feels real, everything feels real, and you get instant satisfaction whenever you like.

So, why our web store?

  • Any height.
    Many men like extremes when it comes to their partner’s height. With us, you get very short dolls as well as tall dolls.

  • Prices lower than at most local stores.
    A local store has to charge extra for the upkeep. We don’t do that, we just don’t need to.

  • Better confidentiality.
    As a web store, all we have to do to keep your data confidential is just never collect more data than we need and never let anyone of our employees access to more data than necessary. We also have other businesses, so the employees who can see your name can’t see what they pack.

  • Prices lower than the market price.
    Sex dolls are overpriced because of their market potential. We prefer the volume of sales to the price tag.

  • Sex doll recommendations based on your search.
    It’s only natural that many men are looking to sate their fetishes with sex dolls. We don’t try to figure out what it is, but our black-box neural networks can deduce what sex dolls would be interesting to you without storing their deduction anywhere.

  • Timely product updates.
    Sex and porn websites are sometimes never updated for years. They generate enough revenue as they are. But we strive to deliver our customers the best. If a doll is out of stock, you’ll see that you can’t order it, if you find it. 

  • Safe and secure payment.
    We only use safe and secure payment methods that you can trust.

  • Anonymity conscious customer service.
    Web stores that deal with sex toys and sex dolls often have zero customer service or, worse yet, a customer service who wants to know your name. We get that it’s embarrassing. You can still volunteer your name, but if not, we will just call you “sir:” Or “ma’am”. After all, some women buy sex dolls for their husbands themselves or just play for the other team. 

  • New features to come.
    For a sex doll niche website, stagnation is super easy. We don’t want to stagnate. Eventually, we are going to introduce a bunch of new features, including search filters and categories.

We are open to criticism and suggestions. To deliver you the best service, we need to know what you think the best service should be. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any complaints or questions.